The Art of Change

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Assalamu’alaikum. Hi!

Alhamdulillah, Allah still gave us His blessings every single day.

Ok, I would like to share something here which I will link to my words here.

Here, I found a quote on a website which sounds like this :

“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.” (Lemony Snicket The Ersatz Elevator)

From this quote, I have figured out something that kind of linked to my own life. I am not going to tell about my life but I wrote this post based on my own experiences.

First of all, if you want to change, pleaseee (I really mean it), DO NOT WAIT FOR THE RIGHT MOMENT.

Why? Because there is no right moment to change.

Seriously. Another quote that a friend of mine told me once before from a novel that she had read was like this :

“A man who decided to change at the twelfth hour died on the eleventh hour.” (Hlovate)

Here are some tips for you guys who would like to change :


As you have decided to change, do not postpone or wait or procrastinate your intention to do the change. Why?

Because syaitan never stop to keep us astray from our faith. Seriously.

Hold on to your intention and keep strong to change. You’ll be fine. InsyaAllah.  


Whenever you have into the stage of change, you need to have the determination to keep moving on.

In this stage, you will see that you might being abandoned by your old friends, being mocked and so on.

Always pray to Allah to make it ease for your journey to change. It takes time to really being into the new change and you will find calmness soon.

I’ve been into it. ^^


As you know that you might not be able to get into your old friends and life again, do ask for supports from anyone who could help you to change.

My suggestion is you should being into usrah (a discussion) which helps to open your mind into your ‘new life’.

When you feel like you lost or you need help, do not feel embarrassed to tell anyone who you trust to share your problems.

InsyaAllah, you will ended up with gaining happiness from that discussion plus you gain pahala! :D


In the middle of making good friends, please do not make your old friends feel like you are no longer befriended with them.

No matter how close you are with your new friends who could help you to change, but please bring your old friends with you.

They will appreciate it whenever you spending more time with them.


Never stop reading.

In order to gain knowledge, you should read.

I am also in the middle of studying and gaining knowledge about Islam from reading blogs, islamic magazines (SOLUSI, GenQ and Jom!) and also from the lecture from TV.

From that, you will found out more about Islam which eventually makes you feel secure and confident to do the change with supports from your peers.


Idol is someone who you can follow up to, from the way that person dresses or behave.

As in the middle of doing the change, you will found someone who you could have as your idol. Believe me, you will. That person could be your own room mate, your best friends, your kakak usrah or your own peers.

Just take that person as an example to help yourself to become a better person from Islamic views such as covering your aurah according to the syariah. InsyaAllah. ^^

With that,

I believe that you know when you feel like you should change.

Your heart would not lie to you though sometimes it will. Do not wait the guidance (Hidayah) to come, but find it and it will come to you.

Lastly, Rasulullah SAW pernah bersabda (maksudnya) :

“Tidak akan terlepas kedua kaki seorang hamba itu semasa (berada di Padang Mahsyar) pada hari kiamat sehingga ditanya kepadanya empat soalan ; 1) Tentang umurnya, di manakah dihabiskan, 2) Tentang zaman mudanya, bagaimana digunakan, 3) Tentang hartanya, bagaimana diperolehi dan bagaimana ia digunakan, 4) Tentang ilmunya, apakah yang diamalkan dengannya.” (HR at-Tirmidzi)

P/s : Sebelum tidur, bersugi, berwudhuk, baca surah al-Mulk, surah as-sajadah, 3 Qul, do’a sebelum tidur dan ayat kursi. Tidur mengiring ke sebelah kanan ye.  InsyaAllah dapat pahala. ^^


Artikel ini adalh perkongsian ke inbox kami oleh Nor Hidayu Rosman. Semoga memberi manfaat kepada kita semua. Amin.

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Bertugas sebagai pendidik dibawah Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia (KPM). Telah menubuhkan dan menulis di web semenjak tahun 2010. Saya berharap laman web ini memberi manfaat kepada anda semua. Semoga Allah redha.

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