Can I Pray Tahajjud Without Sleeping?

Tahajjud Without Sleeping

Can I pray Tahajjud without sleeping?

If we want to do tahajjud prayers, we must sleep first?

The Answer:

Tahajjud prayer is a sunnah prayer performed after the obligatory Isha’ prayer with the condition of sleeping first, even if for a moment and not performed before bed.

The time is at night until dawn.

Sheikh Bujairimi said:

Sleep even a little.

And even if someone sleeps before the isha’ prayer, it must be the tahajjud prayer after the isha’ prayer.

This is the ultimate opinion.”

(Hasyiah Al-Bujairimi ala Al-Minhaj)

Therefore, if you do not sleep and want to perform the sunnah prayer, then it is not the tahajjud prayer’s intention but the night prayer or the qiamullail and the others.


The tahajjud sunnah prayer is a prayer performed after bed, whether the sleep is after the time of isha’ or before the time of isha’ and even if only a short sleep.

The tahajjud prayer is performed after performing the obligatory isha’ prayer.

It is encouraged (afdhal) to perform this tahajjud prayer at midnight.

If you do not sleep and want to perform prayers, then you can perform night sunnah prayers or qiamullai or the like.

Whether performing the tahajjud prayers after bed or qiamullail before going to bed, the rewards are enormous.

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