Attahiyat Full Dua (Tashahud) In English Transliteration

Attahiyat Tashahud position

How to recite Attahiyat?

This article is a complete and straightforward guide for attahiyat full dua recitation. 

The best part is:

It is simplified with English transliteration and assisted by audio to help you who are not proficient in reading Arabic writing.

The target readers of this guide are those who are just learning prayer, children, and converts.

If you think this guide is for you, let’s get started.

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Tahajjud Prayer & Tahajjud Dua (The Definitive Guide)

Tahajjud Prayer

How to perform Tahajjud Prayer?

This is a complete guide to Night Prayer (Tahajjud Prayer). You’ll be guided step-by-step until you are done.

In this guide, you’ll learn about anything related to night prayer, such as:

  • How to niyyah (intention)
  • Time to perform
  • What’s dua to recite

… and lots more.

This prayer guide is also assisted with Audio and English transliteration to help anyone who has difficulty reading Arabic script.

Let’s get started.

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